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St. Macartan's National School, Bundoran, Co. Donegal

Microsoft Teams

26th Mar 2020

Microsoft Teams

We have decided to use Microsoft Teams as our online learning and communication platform during this closure. We hope that it will be of benefit to all children. However it is not our intention to cause extra stress for parents at this difficult time. We are offering this as a service which you may avail of.  It will not require hours of daily work or regular attendance. Older children should be able to work independently. Younger children, infants in particular, will require help.

If you have a technical problem please email . However please be patient.

Setup Teams

Teams is best accessed through a PC (eg laptop, desktop, chromebook) but it should work on any internet device

To set up teams on a PC simply Google “Microsoft Teams”, or go to on your browser (eg Chrome, Explorer, Firefox) and sign in. Once in Office select Teams.

On an Android Device download the free Microsoft Teams app from the Play Store, on Apple from the App store.


We have texted an email address for each child and a temporary password. The sign in name is the email address. You should be prompted to change password first-please choose a password you will remember. (If you have not received a test please email This email address also gives your child access to all Office365 products, for example Word and Powerpoint. Your child will only have access to their own class, so should select that.

Some important points to note

  • We are all new to this and all learning together. We will be taking small steps. Hopefully it will run smoothly, but please be patient.
  • Pupils must behave online as in the classroom-mutual respect is essential. All communication in the system, including pupils’ emails and messages to each other, may be monitored by the school.
  • Login in details must not be shared. No one outside of the school community has access to the system, and this must be maintained. Items added to the system by a teacher or pupil must not be shared publicly.
  • Teachers will not be available 24/7. At the moment assume teachers are available during normal school hours. As we progress each teacher will outline when they may be contacted.